eXact Advanced Spectrophotometer


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eXact Advanced


eXact Advanced meets the specific needs of inks production and quality control laboratories and production partners that require quality standards of excellence using the widest range of tools available today. It includes advanced features to evaluate ink and paper before and during printing.

Excellence in color measurement

The eXact Advanced spectrophotometer, used in a privileged way in the laboratories of production of inks and quality control, is designed to obtain excellent quality standards with the widest range of instruments available today. In addition to ensuring color validation of CMYK and spot inks, simultaneous measurement of four M modes, integration of Bluetooth functionality and enhanced colorimetric function, eXact Advanced includes functions for evaluating inks and paper before, during and after printing, thus saving time and materials. 

eXact Advanced is a unique combination of hardware and software that helps you get perfect colors right away, right from the first try.


Advanced quality control management
Measure ink and paper before, during and after printing to help optimize the process.

Improved colorimetric function

  • Optimum execution of the workflow of each job, thanks to the many possibilities available to users to lock and customize the tools.
  • Reflectance graph to demonstrate the spectral reflectance of a substrate or an ink.
  • Measurement of the concentration of a specific ink with functionality for absolute and relative color intensity.
  • Opacity functionality to measure the difference of a substrate or an ink on white and black.
  • Chromatic difference up to three different illuminants with the metamerism function.

Rising Above the Rest

The eXact family offers a unique density and color measurement experience when compared to other products in the market through several differentiators:

  •  Protected Automated White Tile Calibration protects the instrument Press instrument environments.
  • Consistency is key for brands. eXact has three measurement light sources compared to other instrument’s two. The three sources result in a true ISO definition of circumferential illumination that changes from angular rotation to media with any texture like uncoated stocks or digitally printed.
  • eXact provides the most versatile set openings. You can meet different workflows and patch sizes when compared to other instruments: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, & 6mm. eXact’s 2mm spot size is the most popular by 3mm patches.
  • Lastly, X-Rite provides an end-to-end color management experience with software and quality control while providing global service.