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Anand Rayon Plusch:

These are made up of synthetic fibers which are lint free, resists ink build up and are therefore very easy to clean and maintain. Also, since these are processed to attain highest level of ink resistance, upto 90% of Ink can be easily cleaned up under hot water resulting in longer life.

Cleaning Tips

Proper cleaning is very important to sustain performance and increase service life of covers. Find below a few handy tips which will help you clean Dampening Covers with ease, thus warranting their superior functioning and life:

  • It is always better to change the cover rather than fighting time using an exhausted cover.
  • Covers should be cleaned at the end of each work day, between jobs or shifts to ensure optimum performance.
  • Fresh tap water should be used for removal of all ink.
  • For cleaning heavy ink build up areas of the cover, a soft brush and mild household detergents can be used for cleaning. Do not use stiff brushes or metal objects like blades and knives, other wise FIBRE SEPERATION will result.

Choose Original Covers from us!

As a customer, you are requested to keep these following points in mind before buying ANAND Dampening Covers:

  • Check for Multi-Colour label.
  • Check for 3D Hologram on the label.
  • Check for both side printed and sealed polybag.
  • Check for Batch No. & Date on the back of the label.
  • Check for label attached to the roll.