Viskovita Sponge ( 31mm)



The compressed pop-up sponge â€œViskovita” is an internationally successful product in the printing industry. Because of its outstanding properties, it is eminently suited for cleaning printing plates. Visually, it stands out for the skin-like appearance of the surface along the edges. The globally unique and patented manufacturing process – steam coagulation – provides â€œViskovita” with the following properties:

• High cleaning and absorption power
• High chemical and acid resistance
• Lower transport and storage volume
• All-round continuous leather-like “skin surface“
• Highly resistant and extremly durable viscose material
• washable up to 60 °C

– Applying of developer liquid on offset printing plates
– Cleaning of rubber rollers in developer machines
– Cleaning of printing-plates – remove dirt and ink
– Applying of aluminium activator on plate cylinders for   regeneration
– Applying of gum on printing plates for preserving / archiving
– Removing ink and dirt from blanket-cylinders
– Cleaning of impression cylinders
– Cleaning and scouring of printing ink, scrap paper, powder of
anti-marking film and transfer jackets in offset printing machines